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Mallory needs your help!!!

​Mallory is a 19 year old senior high student enrolled in Greene County Tech School District in Paragould, Arkansas. Mallory has cerebal palsy and is completely dependent on caregivers for her needs. Mallory is in general education classes and well liked by her peers. She attended prom last year - getting the honor of the "first dance" and currently serves on the Student Counsel.  Mallory is on an IEP (Individualized Education Plan), which provides her critically needed supports and services such as a personal care aide to feed her, give her water when needed, push her wheelchair, and assist her in class.  Mallory cannot attend school without an aide to assist her with her personal care needs.

Currently, the Superintendent of the Greene County Tech School District, Gene Weeks, will not allow Mallory to come to school and has refused to provide for Mallory’s daily care needs (feeding, drinking, toileting, etc) as required by Mallory's IEP.  The District has been ordered to allow Mallory to follow Mallory's IEP, but has steadfastly refused to allow Mallory to return to school unless her mother, a single parent with a full-time job, or her sister, a full-time college student, comes to school with her to care for her personal care needs.