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Theresa Caldwell has over twenty years of experience representing parents with special needs children. Theresa has built her practice helping children with disabilities to learn using evidence based practices, knowledgeable experts, and individualized programming for each child. Theresa is committed to helping each child achieve, learn, and grow. As a former educator, Theresa is very knowledgeable about best practices among educators, and research based, evidence based programming. For the last decade, Theresa has been responsible for nearly 90% of the due process cases filed in Arkansas. Our clients appreciate Theresa’s creativity, experience, and passion for their children.


The Caldwell Law Office team is committed to helping each child learn and achieve their full potential with appropriate supports and services in an environment free from physical abuse, physical restraint, and/or seclusion. Contact us today to find out how we can help your child.

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Committed to helping every child learn

When your child is experiencing problems at school, many times the issues seem insurmountable. With over twenty-five years experience representing parents of children with disabilities, our attorneys will review all of your records, help you to determine the best course of action, while allowing you to focus on your child’s needs. Caldwell Law Office can provide you with an array of options, legal advice, and a plan of action to address the specific problems your child faces at school.



Kitty Cone came to Caldwell Law Office from the Disability Rights Center of Arkansas, where she handled special education, employment discrimination, and disability access issues. Kitty is a former Arkansas State Trooper, and has nearly twenty years of diverse business experience. Kitty is passionately committed to helping each child reach their full potential. Our clients appreciate Kitty’s strong work ethic, no nonsense approach, and sincere commitment to their children.