This Is Us

Clay Findley

Clay joined Caldwell Law Office in 2016 and has 28 years of experience litigating school law issues. Clay has argued special education law cases in federal and appellate courts.  Clay enjoys hiking, biking, and playing in the local mens soccer league.

Darlene Hogancamp

Darlene  is the backbone of CLO. She is our office manager, paralegal and someone that takes pride in helping Parents who call us. Darlene is tougher than she looks and is a fierce competitor - previously the Arkansas Arm Wrestling Champion and former member of the winning Team of the Covered Wagon Races in Clinton, Arkansas. 

Theresa Caldwell

I have been involved in Special Education Law for the past 28 years litigating Due Process Hearings and  Federal Civil Rights cases involving children with disabilities. I love doing what I do -- and most of all helping Parents get the services and supports their children so desperately need!